We are a bunch of avid travelers who also like to make others discover unforgettable places.

About us

Dear friends,

We are pleased to invite you to discover a Classy Romania!

We are a cozy in-country tour-operator that has a special way of setting up holidays and trips of any kind, from customized tours or vacation packages with a wide selection of itineraries throughout Romania and beyond.

We are a team with over 20 years of experience in the tourism field and we can provide excellent quality services, trips and already tested accommodations and destinations.

We would like to show you the real faces of Romania: a genuine and traditional country, rich in stories and old legends, full of amazing landscapes, medieval fortresses, ancient wooden churches and monasteries, UNESCO heritage sites, tasty food and good wines. Oh, and let’s not forget about the amazing Danube Delta and the wild beaches at the Black Sea!

If you are into urban or wild entertainment, we could introduce you to Romania’s festivals of all kinds: from film and theatre, local customs, medieval atmosphere, jazz, rock & classical music.

We’re also flexible when it comes to dates and budgets, that’s why we also warmly recommend our city break packages in Bucharest, Sibiu, Sighișoara or Timișoara.


The leaf from our logo comes with a deep symbolism from our ancestors, the Dacians. We chose it because these motifs were found on Romania’s thesaurus: the golden and silver Dacian bracelets. These large multi-spiral bracelets were used as ornaments, currency or high rank emblems and usually had an animal head at the ends, most commonly that of a snake. We’d love to talk more about it over a glass of wine!

Classy Romania is also interested in building up reliable and long-term partnerships with Tour Operators and Travel Agencies outside Romania who are searching for the best solutions for their clients.

Whether you choose one of our classy tours, or want a quotation for a group or a tailor-made trip, just send us an e-mail, we’d love to accommodate your requests.

Let us make you fall in love with Romania!